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0 years my IS infiltration Symbol - VICE Trump, proposes a valuable test for people who become immigrants in the fiery ISIS speech Donald Trump said on Monday, calling for action against radical Islam, regained an attack on national security, we have proposed an ideological test bring up immigration that have a radical opinion outside the United States. This proposal was one of a number of playing cards that have been outlined in the Ohio of speech that shows his vision to combat Islamic extremism. In doing so, he is trying to Mukeyo the table on critics depict him and not suitable as commander of the prime minister, and lacks the mental and physical stamina] to combat ISIS Democratic presidential He condemned the nomination of Hillary Clinton. Speech of Trump President, for the candidate of the Republican Party has been in hiding to the next controversy from controversy, it was consistent with the number of votes drop in key swing state. The top Republican called for to straighten his upset campaign to Trump. Trump to draw a strict photo of hometown that has been exposed to the threat of world terrorism and that are under attack, and argued that only you can be able to confront the current danger.
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